Urgent Care

Our Urgent Treatment Centres provide urgent care for residents in the surrounding areas. The service is available daily and we pride ourselves on the patient care we provide.

We currently run two Urgent Treatment Centres, click on the links below for more information.

Barnet Urgent Treatment Centre

Since July 2013 Camden Health Partners has provided an Urgent Treatment Centre service within Barnet General Hospital’s Emergency Department.

The service is staffed by General Practitioners and Emergency Nurse Practitioners who collectively are able to assess, diagnose and treat a wide variety of illness and injury.

Working in close partnership with Barnet General Hospital, the community provider Central London Community Healthcare, local GPs and Barnet Local Authority and Voluntary Services, it is our intention to develop a range of ambulatory care pathways out of the Emergency Department. These pathways will help ensure patients, who may normally be admitted, are responsibly discharged from the Hospital’s care and are less likely to need to return with the same problem.

Royal Free Hospital Urgent Treatment Centre

In 2009 an Urgent Treatment Centre was set up as a pilot between Camden Health Partners Ltd and the Royal Free London Hospital. In conjunction with the World Class Commissioning agenda, the aims were to improve patient experience, reduce duplication of clinical assessment and achieve value for money to ensure:

-patients receive timely appropriate care from the right clinician in the right place
– improved health promotion
– improved links with other services in primary / community care including helping unregistered patients find a local GP

These aims were met leading to the Urgent Treatment Centre becoming an integral part of the Emergency Department. During the time the Urgent Treatment Centre has been operating a model has that developed to best capture demand and has now become a ‘gold standard’ of Urgent Care.

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