Specialist Services

Special Allocation Scheme (Camden, Islington & Haringey)

Camden Health Partners provides the Special Allocation Scheme for patients in Camden, Islington and Haringey CCGs. Special Allocation Schemes were created to ensure that patients who have been removed from a practice patient list can continue to access healthcare services at an alternative, specific GP practice.

Please note that individual patients cannot register directly with this service.

If you are a patient of this service, you can book appointments by calling 07718 659095.

If you call outside of surgery hours (Tuesday 1pm-4pm and Thursday 9am-12pm) the number will divert to voicemail.

Clinicians or pharmacists can contact us using the same number/email.

Diabetes IPU

This exciting initiative has been developed to lead the way in providing improved integration and joined up community-based services to facilitate aligned clinics for long term conditions (LTCs) that are often co-morbid.

The Camden Diabetes Integrated Practice Unit will:

Deliver one diabetes team that will deliver a population change in results of HbA1c and the rest of the nine care processes in Camden.

Be responsible for the whole population of people with diabetes registered with a Camden GP aged over 18 years

Work across organisational boundaries with all partners involved in the service

Ensure current services are integrated creating seamless and standardised care experiences

Ensure staff in each care setting are appropriately trained to deliver best care for their range of responsibilities

Be driven by patients’ care needs and deliver outcomes that matter to patients

Provide the best value for Camden population

GP referrals are made via the Camden Clinical Assessment Service (CCAS.) Click  www.camdenccg.nhs.uk/gps/diabetes-integrated-care-service here for referral instructions.

For all enquiries to the Integrated Diabetes Service call 0203 758 2036

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