GP services in Royal Free and Barnet Hospital Urgent Treatment Services – CHP has provided these services since 2009 and 2013 respectively in partnership with the Royal Free London NHS Trust.

Camden Diabetes and Integrated Provider Unit (IPU) – our service is based at St Pancras Hospital where we work collaboratively with the Royal Free and CNWL community services. We provide a nurse led comprehensive service for patients within Camden with type 2 diabetes, supporting patients to achieve glycaemic control and a better understanding of diabetes and provide support to primary care health care professionals caring for diabetic patients.

GP Extended Access Services – since October 2022,  we have provided weekday evening and Saturday appointments for patients registered with practices in North Camden and Kentish Town Central PCNs.

Acute Respiratory Hubs – from late January to end of March, CHP was the lead contractor for the four hubs providing additional primary care capacity weekday evenings and weekends in Central Hampstead, Kentish Town and North Camden, South Camden and West Camden.

Federation support to PCNs and practices – we support practices and PCNs to deliver locally commissioned services such as improved neighbourhood outcomes through supporting QIST leads with practice and PCN dashboards.

Workflow optimization – we provide support to some practices on reviewing and storing clinical letters so that practice staff are freed up to provide other services to patients.

Camden training hub – we are very pleased to host the Camden Training hub supporting local workforce needs such as PCN workforce development plans and clinical placements.

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