Our Policies and Contracts

The local population in Camden faces challenges in terms of health inequalities. The Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) working in partnership with Camden Local Authority has identified five key health priorities for Camden which are children and young people, mental health, frail and elderly, long term conditions and cancer and primary care services. Camden Health Partners is committed to address these priorities. We work closely with the CCG and our member practices to deliver on these priorities and to reduce the health inequalities and improve the quality of care in Camden.

Camden Health Partners provides the scale, innovation and leadership to support our member practices.

We are the voice for primary care for our member practices and represent their views and ideas. We procure contracts, help and support our member practices to deliver them successfully. Camden Health Partners offers wider range of services to our member practices and to the local Camden community at large to improve the quality of care provided and improve health of our local communities.

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